Do The Ring Right!

Shopping for an engagement ring can be an overwhelming process and the staff at Iroff & Son Jewelers is here to make the process oh-so-easy. We offer a variety of shapes, setting, metals and bands allowing you to create the engagement ring that she’s always dreamed of. Start by browsing our inventory of diamonds and rings and when you’re ready, call us to set up an appointment.

Whether you want to spend hundreds or thousands, we will make sure you do the ring right.

The Ring Matchmaker

What’s her style? Is she simple, or does she want to make a statement? Every woman is different and when choosing an engagement ring, the ring should be just as unique as she is. Take our Ring Matchmaker quiz and find an engagement ring that’s just as beautiful and distinctive as her.

Match her to the perfect ring.

    1. When it comes to style - Which best describes your girl?
  • A fashionista who stays up on the latest trends/fashion magazines
  • A southern bell, always dressed to the "9's"
  • A beauty that has an old soul when it comes to art and fashion.
  • Would love to own a One-Of-A-Kind item of anything
    2. To celebrate a big promotion at work, how would your girlfriend choose to celebrate?
  • Celebrate with an Intimate dinner for two with champagne.
  • A night in with takeout and snuggling with the pups.
  • A night out on the town with friends, wearing a new outfit purchased for the occasion
  • A handmade card from you saying "Congratulations! I'm proud of you "
    3. If your girlfriend could choose anywhere to go on a honeymoon where would she choose?
  • Paris to visit all of the museums and explore the history.
  • Maui. It's where all our friends go.
  • A boutique hotel that prides itself with a personal experience
  • Wherever Brad and Angelina just vacationed.

Diamonds You’ll Love, A Jeweler for Life.

With roots back to the 1940’s Iroff & Son Jewelers’ experience in the diamond and jewelry business spans three generations and over 70 years. Today we proudly serve the Atlanta area, offering a luxury line of diamonds and jewelry coupled with premium customer service. Through one on one consulting, it’s our goal to find you the perfect diamond or gem, at the right price.

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