Custom Jewelry Design – Alpharetta

//Custom Jewelry Design – Alpharetta

Custom Jewelry Design – Alpharetta

What I’m going to do now is I’m going to actually show you the steps that it takes to design a ring on CounterSketch, which is the computer-animated design that we use in our store. It’s a very simple process for us to do. I’m going to choose a three-stone ring because I like three-stone rings. We sell a lot of three-stone rings. It’s a very common design to bring in your original diamond, your mother’s diamond, and buy a new diamond to go on the other side, and you make a very nice three-stone ring.

So, I’m going to pick right here in the bottom, and what’s going to pull up is 162 different styles of rings that are available and I’m going to pick this particular ring here that’s a very traditional style three-stone ring. And it’s going to load this ring up and we can actually manipulate different things in the ring. So, for the circumstances of what we’re doing right now, I’m actually going to take and I’m going to change these two side stones to blue because my customer wants sapphires on the side of the center diamond, instead of having diamonds on the side of it. So we can change the color of them very simply. And what happens now, you can actually see what it looks like in blue, and I can manipulate and turn this ring different ways so that we can look at all the details of the side stones here, the thickness of the ring, the way the center stone is set. And one of the things we’re going to do on this ring is we’re actually going to put a stone right here, because my customer wants to have a little diamond underneath which is what we call a surprise diamond. It adds a little bit of detail and character to the ring for the customer and makes it a little bit more unique.

So what we have is a diamond that’s bezel-set, and I’m going to make it smaller so that it’ll fit underneath it properly. And what I’m actually going to do is I’m going to manipulate the position of it so that we can actually take it and place it in the right place underneath the ring. So, all these little arrows give me the ability to move things around, and with a little practice and time we can do this in a few minutes, and add a stone to the edge of the ring underneath the center stone so that we can have something more unique just for you. And this is what true custom design is. We’re actually building this from scratch. We’re not taking something and placing it together. We’re going to manipulate things and make it where it’s unique only for you, and none of your friends will have anything like this. And it’ll be a one-of-a-kind ring that nobody else has.

So what I’m doing now is just moving it so that I can get it back in position, so that I can actually look at it and see what we have going on. So, if I look here, I wanna tilt this where it’s sitting straight. I actually wanna tilt it a little bit so that it angles down, just a little bit, then it’s going to fit right in here very nicely to where you can see it. And then I’m going to duplicate it to the other side, just but with a click of a button, I can take and duplicate it to the other side. So now we have it on both sides. And then, what we’ve done is we’ve created a more unique ring. Within two minutes, I showed you the ring with a sapphire on the side of it with a new diamond here.

So, let’s say that you wanna have an oval diamond in the center of it, instead of a round diamond. So I’m going to simply change the center stone to an oval. This is really a neat thing to be able to do. So I’m going to take care, we’re moving the center stone around and we just made that center stone an oval. Now, we also made the side ones an oval, so we would have to go back to the other side and change those. I’m going to go back to a round because I think the round looks better for the ring. Now, we have ovals here instead of round, but I can go back over here and we can change these back to round. Now, that’s too big but I’ll manipulate it back down to the right size. And simply, we have a custom ring that has custom sapphires, a custom diamond underneath.

And let’s say that you wanna see the ring in yellow gold because you like yellow gold better than white gold, or better than platinum. So we can just click away, and there we have the same ring in yellow gold. And so the big question that everybody’ll ask all the time is, “So, what does this cost?” So we have an ability, with the program, in about two minutes, we can get an exact cost of the ring based on today’s metal market. Now, this says quick estimate, and my laugh every time I say this is there’s nothing really quick about what we’re doing right now. It’s actually building a matrix of pricing from silver all the way to platinum, with all the gemstones that we just put in here. It takes just a couple of minutes to do it. So, once we have this up, we’ll be able to know what the price is. But this is the greatest technology available in our industry and it just really gives us an ability to make something unique for you.

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