Custom Jewelry Design & Re-styling

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With our innovative CAD software we have the unique ability of showing you in 3D exactly how your new jewelry will look! Whether you have your sights set on a one of a kind engagement ring or want to re-style a dated pendant, our design process makes the experience fun, fast and easy!

Step 1- Consultation: Gather your ideas and inspirations and bring them to our on-site designers. If you have any gemstones or diamonds you would like incorporated into the design be sure to bring those too. If you’re unsure of what you want that’s ok! Our designers will guide you in the direction best for you and your lifestyle.

Step 2- Rendering: Using the 3D design software, we have creative control to customize every detail of the jewelry from metal color, stone size, shape, and color to extensive design changes. Once you are thrilled with the design, we begin making the piece!

Step 3- Wax Model: The 3D rendering is sent to a special machine that cuts the design out of a piece of wax. Our clients have the option of seeing the wax model before casting, but the rendering really gives a better idea of the final outcome.

Step 4- Casting: The wax model is then put in to a special machine where a mold is formed around the wax, the wax is burned away and the molten metal of your choice fills the mold.

Step 5- Finishing: This is where the magic happens. The cast piece is handed to the jeweler and undergoes an intense process of stone setting, cleaning and polishing.

Step 6- Delivery: Our favorite part! Handing over the finished product to it’s owner and seeing the excitement in their faces is why we love custom designs!

Let us transform your old jewelry, make a one of a kind piece or update your heirlooms! Call us at 770-751-7222 to make an appointment.

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