Latest research confirms what woman want… and it’s all about SIZE! For the week of August 14th- 19th we are having a huge event with TONS of diamond stud earrings. We are talking HUGE sizes too! We are stocking from 0.25ctw to 5ctw and larger!

If you have old diamond studs that are a little small, or you just want to upgrade, now is the time! Upon inspection of your studs, we will make you a fair and transparent offer to apply towards your new pair! We will take any size and any quality!

Don’t have a pair of studs to trade in? No problemo! We will have a huge selection at unbeatable prices to help you get that BIG pair you’ve been wanting! Each of our diamonds in hand selected by us, perfectly matched, with unequaled sparkle.

During this event, we are also offering NO INTEREST FINANCING for 12 & 24 months!
Take advantage of this incredible offer during our sale! We look forward to seeing all of you and bringing a little more sparkle into your lives! =)