Can you believe it’s finally fall? This heat wave seems to have lasted forever, well at least in Atlanta! With season changes come a multitude of other life changes. These life changes can affect so many different things, even your ring size!

Here at Iroff & Son, we not only want you to be happy with your most beautiful and cherished pieces, but we want to educate you on how to stay happy with those pieces. Here are just a few reasons why you could be noticing subtle changes in your ring size:

  • A sudden change in temperature
    • During the colder months, your skin loses heat. In order to keep your core warm, your blood flow is constricted, especially to your fingers and toes, which causes shrinkage in your fingers. The opposite happens in the warmer months.
  • Expecting or just delivered your bundle of joy?
    • This can cause all types of changes in your body, especially swelling. Your body is producing at least 50% more blood and fluid to support your growing baby.
  • A [temporary] change in your diet
    • Let’s face it-during the holidays, bikini-ready bodies become a thing of the past. Foods consumed during the colder months tend to be higher in sodium, which can lead to frequent, yet minimal, weight fluctuation
  • Amazing weight loss results
    • Losing weight is such an amazing victory in life! But that weight loss can also affect the fit of everything, including your jewelry as well.

Luckily, resizing a ring down is such a simple and easy option! Listed below are two of the safest ways to keep that beauty shining on top of your finger:

  1. Round balls help to anchor your ring in place. We can add 2 small metal balls into the shank of your ring to help reduce your ring by a half size. This is a great fix if your ring just seems to slide around your finger more than usual and will help to keep your ring upright.


2. A spring insert (or placing a “U” in the shank) is a strip of metal that lines the bottom 3/4 of the inside of your band. Just as it says, it springs open slightly allowing the ring past your knuckle and then springs back to fit snugly at the base of your finger. This option is more suitable for someone who does only have issues with their ring sliding right past their knuckle.


Come see us here at Iroff for all your ring sizing needs! We will make sure that you go home with a ring that will hug your finger tight everyday!