Iroff-Gems-Web-Banner (2)Somewhere, deep in the jungle where few dare venture, Gemstones are hiding in the rough. They are rare and much sought after, but only a few ever risk hunting them down. The hunt for these precious gems is long, hard and risky. There are many hardships along the way that will tear at your heart and soul. On the journey, Bugs constantly bite and bore into your skin. Disease and dangerous animals present real dangers to your safety. The incessant burning sun is your constant companion until you see the Mine and the open pit, with a ladder that will take you 1000ft into the earth.

Feeling tired, but exhilarated, you step on the first rung of the ladder and begin your descent. Your experience and expertise is your only guide as you hunt for that piece of rough that contains a rare beauty, a quality gem that will someday be the princess that a talented jewelry designer will place into her proper carriage.

At times you feel weak and dizzy from exhaustion. Success seems at times, an imaginary creature, not capable of capture. But you continue on, because you are too deep in the mine to leave without your  prized Gemstones.

For those who aren’t interested in the long and traitorous hunt, you’re in luck. There’s an easier way to see these beautiful Gemstones. Iroff & Son, located at – 3960 Old Milton Parkway #300 Alpharetta, GA. 30005, will be hosting a Custom Design and Fine Gemstone event on Thursday, November 6th from 10am to -6pm. We have invited a San Diego based Company with a real life Gem Hunter to bring gemstones from around the world, cut by their master cutters in Thailand. At our store in Alpharetta, you will be able to see Gemstones from Madagascar to Tanzania, from Sphene to Tanzanite. Their gemstones have been featured in award winning designs.

At this event, The Gem Hunter will bring the princess and our Jewelers will build the carriage to put her in. .

You can select your favorite gemstone and from there, we’ll help create your own unique piece of art. To make an appointment for this exclusive event on November 6th, give us a call Call us at 770-751-7222. and let us know what time works best for you. We will be at your side as you begin your Gem Hunt at Iroff & Son. Thursday November 6th 10am-6pm.