There are a number of ways to be reminded of a special moment in your life. Maybe a song can remind you of your first love, or even a landmark can remind you of your first date. But did you know that jewelry is the only product that can remind you of a special moment in life? Believe it or not, you can have an emotional attachment to your jewelry. Think about it-when  you wake up in the morning and grab your favorite diamond halo necklace, what special memory comes to mind? After being an independent jeweler for 30 years, I have seen this proven time and time again.

“Diamonds, are a girl’s best friend.” Marilyn Monroe

A loyal customer brought in her diamond earrings to have them checked and to get them cleaned. While chatting with her, I asked “Didn’t you get this for your wedding anniversary?” With tears in her eyes, she responded “How did you remember that?” Easy! The moment was so special for her. In June, she and her wonderful husband celebrated their wedding anniversary. She also shared the day with her parents for their wedding anniversary, yet this time it was a special occasion-it was her son’s wedding day.

The moments that your jewelry can bring back to you are priceless no matter the value of the piece. Take some time today to go to your jewelry box and lay out the timeline of your jewelry today. Recall those moments and share your stories with us!