Do you know how to properly care for your jewelry? Jewelry is meant to be sparky and beautiful and last a lifetime and caring for your jewelry can make the world of a difference in it’s lifespan. Below are some tips and tricks to help your jewelry stay in good shape and look great along the way.

  1. Never wear your jewelry (especially rings) when using abrasive chemicals. Chemicals are bad for stones and metals!
  2. Always take your jewelry off before bed. Prongs can get caught in bedding and chains can break.
  3. Don’t wear your jewelry in pools or jacuzzi tubs. Chlorine and jewelry don’t mix well!
  4. Always store your chains laying flat or hanging so the chains don’t tangle. Or, store them like jewelers do in ziplock bags with just the clasp hanging out!
  5. Pearls should be the last thing you put on when getting ready. Perfume, lotion and hairspray can damage the luster on pearls which is what gives them their beauty!
  6. Try to remove your rings when washing your hands. If you can’t or don’t feel comfortable then be sure to dry well beneath the ring. Leaving moisture underneath the ring can cause bacteria build up and give you a rash on your finger. Ick!
  7. If you can’t get your rings off, please don’t lick them or use lotion! Use Windex! Yes Windex! It has silicone in it which helps the rings slide off, plus it helps clean them! (If you absolutely cannot get your rings off, come see us before going to the ER we may be able to help!
  8. Be sure to get your jewelry (especially rings) professionally cleaned and the prongs checked at least once per year!
  9. Use an at-home jewelry cleaner in between professional cleanings as often as you’d like.¬†Think of jewelry as apparel that you wear every day and clean it as often as you would your favorite shirt.
  10. Don’t forget to clean your watches! You’d be surprised how much gunk can build up in watch bands. Make it a habit to clean your band with a toothbrush once a year- or whenever you have your battery changed.
  11. Rings should not be worn while cooking or baking. Food gets stuck in the nooks and crannies of rings and again, causes bacteria.
  12. Please remember to remove earrings regularly. Earrings need to be cleaned as well as your ears!
  13. Never work out in your rings. Rings are no match to workout equipment and 9/10 times the rings lose.
  14. If you notice loose stones in your rings bring them to a jeweler immediately! Diamonds are the hardest natural substance on Earth. The longer they wiggle around in your mounting the more they will eat the metal away which is how prongs break and stones pop out.
  15. Should you notice that you wack your ring on something, bring it to a jeweler to have it checked!