Bridal Show 20% off 2 days only!

For two days only, October 13-14th, visit our showroom to view thousands of engagement rings, wedding bands and mountings all at 20% OFF! Whether you are shopping for an engagement ring, need bands for your upcoming wedding or have been wanting to remount/ upgrade your ring, now is the time to take advantage of 20% [...]

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Diamond Stud Trade-Up Event!

Latest research confirms what woman want... and it's all about SIZE! For the week of August 14th- 19th we are having a huge event with TONS of diamond stud earrings. We are talking HUGE sizes too! We are stocking from 0.25ctw to 5ctw and larger! If you have old diamond studs that are a little [...]

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Ruby- The King of Gemstones

This July birthstone has a color which can be described as a deep, pure, vivid red. Ruby, a variety of the mineral corundum (which also includes sapphires), is as historically captivating as it is beautiful. This historically significant gemstone is the birthstone for July and is the gem for 15th and 40th anniversaries. Red is [...]

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Atlanta’s Cutest Couple Contest!

Join us on our treasure hunt for Atlanta's cutest couple! We are giving away a $500 no strings attached giftcard towards an engagement ring or wedding band purchase to the winner!  It's easy to enter and to vote! Follow this link to our Facebook page to view the contest. The contest is June 5th- June [...]

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13 Diamond Fun Facts!

Here are 15 fun and unusual facts about diamonds that we gathered for you- our diamond enthusiasts! Some diamonds can be billions of years old! The largest cut diamond is the Great Star of Africa – 530 carats-- now mounted in the Sovereign's Sceptre with Cross in the United Kingdom. Diamond's crystalline structure is created by carbon [...]

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Our take on Graduation… It deserves to be celebrated as the accomplishment that it is!

Is someone you love about to toss their cap? Share the excitement and honor their achievement by marking it with a gift they will treasure forever. Instead of giving them money, an electronic, or gift cards, why not give them something they will actually hang on to??  Once Brian graduated from GIA (Gemological Institute of [...]

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The History & Meaning of Mother’s Day

The History of Mother's Day Have you ever wondered how Mother's Day became a national Holiday? The history may surprise you! Mother's Day as we know it began in 1905 by a woman named Anna Jarvis after the death of her Mother, Ann Jarvis. Anna wanted a day solely dedicated to honoring and appreciating the [...]

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The History of Birthstones

Ever wonder about the history of birthstones? How each month got assigned a certain gemstone? Well here are the answers you've been looking for! The Origin of Birthstones It’s uncertain how the specific months became connected with the various stones. However, some speculate that the origins of birthstones dates back to biblical times when the [...]

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Custom Jewelry Design – Alpharetta

What I'm going to do now is I'm going to actually show you the steps that it takes to design a ring on CounterSketch, which is the computer-animated design that we use in our store. It's a very simple process for us to do. I'm going to choose a three-stone ring because I [...]

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Some New V-Day Ideas from Iroff & Son!

This year we are trying something new to help make your Valentine's Day even more memorable in 2017. How many years have you spent the romantic night at a restaurant that serves mediocre food on a limited menu? Or you end up cooking at home because you want to avoid the crowds? No one wants [...]

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