So we went from the first day of fall, and now it’s the first day of October! Where has 2018 went?! The month of October is the perfect time to celebrate the reign of the Opal stone! Let’s talk about five fun facts of this kaleidoscopic stone:

  1. The first myth that has to be disclosed-it is not bad luck to own an opal if it isn’t  your birthstone!
    • An opal, in fact, is one of the luckiest and most magical gem of them all! So if you were born in July, no worries-there is still an opal piece just for you!
  2. Opals should not be stored in air tight containers.
    • When an opal loses moisture, they can develop a fine network of cracks that resemble a spider web.
  3. In Ancient Rome, the Opal stone was used to symbolize love and hope.
    • This is why it is a stone for everyone-not just October babies!
  4. Roman scholars gave this stone the name “opalus” which means “precious stone”.
    • It seems that the Greeks thought opals gave their owners powers of foresight and prophecy. The Romans adored it as a token of hope and purity.
  5. It is best practice to put on/take off opal jewels over carpet instead of on hard surface floors.
    • Unlike diamonds, opals are very fragile stones and are liable to break and or crack easy. Be sure to handle your opals with care!

To all our October babies, come in to treat yourself to that perfect birthday gift! We have so many opal items for you to choose from that you are sure to find the perfect piece!