diamond_cutWhen selecting a diamond, the cut is often considered the most important factor. Why? Because it controls how the stone reflects light. If cut properly, even lower quality diamonds can sparkle like a star. On the other hand, if a gem of perfect clarity is not cut appropriately it could appear lifeless. Read below to learn how you can do the ring right by selecting the perfect cut.

  • People commonly confuse diamond cut with the shape of the gem. The cut actually refers to the diamonds exact proportions – depth, width and uniformity.
  • If a diamond is cut too shallow, light continue through the bottom of the stone rather than bouncing back into site. If the cut it too deep, light will escape from the sides of the gem.
  • In order for a diamond to radiate it must have good symmetry, meaning that the facets are aligned in a way that allows the stone to bounce between them.
  • Another important factor to consider is the polish of the diamond, or how smooth the facets are. A better polish allows more light to pass through the stone.
  • Be sure to ask about imperfections that can impact the cut of a diamond such as a chipped culet or misaligned facet.

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